Genesis Reconstructed – Return of the Countach LP 500

    In 1971, the world was awestruck by Automobili Lamborghini’s stunning Countach LP 500. The overwhelming praise received from the automotive world convinced Ferruccio Lamborghini and his company to put the car into production. After three years of development, the first Countach LP400 was sold. During development, the original LP 500 prototype was sacrificed in crash testing, never to be seen again in a cohesive operating state – until now.

    As of this year, the Countach LP 500 makes a glorious return to reality, a fitting and emotional way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its original debut. The story of its resurrection starts at the end of 2017 when a passionate Lamborghini owner began collaborating with Polo Storico on the feasibility of reconstructing the Countach LP 500. Polo Storico ultimately worked 25,000 cumulative hours to complete the exciting project. Countless documents and photos were collected to study, and mechanical components were either refurbished from spare parts or made new. Lamborghini Centro Stile was tasked with historical reconstruction of the LP 500’s original design and, once completed, all of bodywork was carefully molded by hand and the interior was hand-assembled in keeping with the traditional roots of the original Countach LP 500. Lastly, famed tiremaker Pirelli provided invaluable support by crafting the period-correct Cinturato CN12 tires with modern compounds and construction techniques, based on images and documents in the archives of Fondazione Pirelli.

    For one discerning and passionate collector, this is one of the great automotive dreams come true. For the rest of the automotive world, it is a celebrated return of one of humankind’s most impactful four-wheeled creations.

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    The ultimate endurance test is on.

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