Mastering Composites – 35+ Years of Lamborghini Technology & Innovation

    Boeing, Callaway Golf Company, and the International Space Station – Automobili Lamborghini has worked with an eclectic mix of technically accomplished groups and companies in developing and continuously refining its expertise in carbon fiber materials. Lightweight, strong, and aesthetic; Lamborghini’s use of composites and carbon make for significant performance benefits in all its road and race vehicles. This has all culminated together to keep Lamborghini at the forefront of this sector for more than 35 years, with many more exciting and innovative milestones to come.

    The ‘Esperienza Materiali Compositi’ Department (E.Co) was first established in 1983 and utilized know-how from Boeing’s development of carbon fiber and Kevlar in the 767. The Countach Evoluzione development prototype hit the roads four years later and sported a carbon fiber chassis and body components that lead to a total weight savings of nearly 500 kg and a captivating starting point for future uses of the revolutionary material. Subsequent Lamborghini concept and production models from the Diablo to the Urus would utilize carbon fiber in their construction to varying degrees. Of note, the 2011 debut of the Aventador introduced an innovative carbon fiber monocoque solely produced in-house in volumes not yet achieved by other automotive manufacturers. Lamborghini’s focus henceforth with carbon fiber and composite construction is on sustainability and waste recycling. By-products from carbon fiber construction are diligently reused in new products, other facets of vehicle construction, and specialty items. The manufacturing process to date is continually scrutinized and refined to reduce waste use of energy, water, and other materials to promote a greener and better future.

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