Third Annual Cars & Toys

    On Saturday, December 9th for the third year in row; Weissach, Lamborghini, and Lotus Vancouver played host to Cars & Toys 2017.

    ‘Cars & Toys’ 2017

    Back in 2015, we began what was to be an incredible and increasingly successful food and toy drive in support of the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Every year we bring to life an entertaining and family-friendly event open to all of our clients and their children and families. This years turnout was one for the record books. We had an incredible number of attendees and the excitement was infectious across the room.

    In attendance on Saturday was the main man himself, Santa Claus, along with our friendly neighborhood reindeer. Santa rolled up in a Verde Mantis Huracán Spyder with a very full bag of toys, eager to make some special kids in attendance very happy.

    Additionally, Santa wasn’t the only hit with the kids. Also in attendance were face-painters and balloon-twisters – we had an abundance of candy canes and Santa’s running the show.

    A Day to Remember

    Alongside some happy kids was a very large mountain of toys. All destined for the very special not-for-profit organization, the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau (LMCB). The LMCB’s mission is to “empower families in need to create Christmas experiences for their kids through the generosity of community.” This mission touched many because at the end of day, we received more toy donations that we could count! Enough to fill-up the LMCB truck, and then some.

    The Christmas Bureau was not the only one to receive an influx of donations. The Food Bank donation area was also completely filled up with generous donations in support of this organization.

    Thank You

    As a local business in the Vancouver area, we love to be intricately involved in our community. Holding events like Cars & Toys is at the centre of all of our activities and we are incredibly fortunate that we have the resources and capability to be able to support some fantastic organizations. That being said, we could not and would not be able to make these events happen without the support of our unbelievable clients and businesses in our area.

    Finally, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Starbucks, Be Fresh, Iconic Concierge Magazine, HUB Insurance, and RYU Apparel for their generosity in supporting Cars & Toys 2017.

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