Targa Lamborghini 2019

    Targa Lamborghini is our annual driving event, formerly known as Giro Canada. This event brings together a variety of cars and incredible people for an adventure that you’ll never forget.

    Below, is an article written by the creator of Autostrada Magazine, Lucas Scarfone. Lucas joined us last year on our Targa and documented it along the way. Want to know what last year was like? Keep reading and click here to see our photos.

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    We know that this summary will impress you and hope that you will join us for Targa Lamborghini 2019.

    A Presto

    The Lamborghini Vancouver & Calgary Teams

    Finding family on the Targa Lamborghini 2018

    By Lucas Scarfone

    Targa Lamborghini was created by the team at Lamborghini Vancouver and Calgary to bring together friends and clients for an unforgettable rally behind the wheels of their Italian machines. Twenty people and eleven cars traveled from Western Canada to join fellow Lamborghini owners making their way from Beverly Hills, California to San Francisco, becoming family along the way.

    Day 1

    Our journey kicked off just down the road from Rodeo Drive at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The chosen Bulls were posted in the front driveway, ready to trample the California asphalt under the command of their owners. As familiar faces and soon-to-be friends arrived, we were greeted with a selection of rally gear courtesy of our hosts from Lamborghini Vancouver & Calgary. Polo shirts, hats, notebook, water bottle and several other goodies. Some of the group made their way to Rodeo Drive to browse through the luxury shops before we all convened for a pre-dinner drink and one of the best views in the city at the rooftop of the Waldorf Astoria. Then our branded Lamborghini transport arrived to shuttle the group to the first of many spectacular restaurants of the trip. What followed was an evening of fine Italian cuisine, wine, and conversation under the sparkling lights of Il Pastaio. Introductions were made and everyone shared a little bit about their passion for the Lamborghini brand before eventually heading to bed, certain now that this was indeed going to be a special experience. And the adventure was only beginning.


    Day 2

    Our group of Skittles eagerly hit the roads of Beverly Hills the next morning for a quick drive to our first pit stop at the Petersen Automotive Museum. This iconic building has housed some of the world’s most significant cars since its inception in 1994. Our line of Bulls graced the top level of the parking garage overlooking downtown Beverly Hills as we set off toward the Vault and the automotive treasures within.

    The Vault is home to an iconic and rare collection of vehicles spanning generations. Cameras were strictly off limits as we toured the collection, but I know that all of our memory banks were filled with photos as we returned back to the cars. Then it was off to the Canyons.

    This is really where these cars shine; soon we were carving the same legendary corners as Steve McQueen, Lamborghini’s full Italian concerto spurring us on with every shift. We cruised through Topanga Canyon, Mulholland and Piuma before turning right onto Pacific Coast Highway 1, one of the pinnacle scenic driving routes in the world.

    The sea air filled our cabins as the chain of Italian exotics weaved its way along the Pacific Ocean. After a delicious buffet lunch we were treated to another scenic drive past the lakes and rolling hills en route to the Four Seasons Santa Barbara, our home for the night. The parking lot was filled with fellow Italian supercars also making their pilgrimage up the coast to Monterey Car Week.

    Lamborghini flags waved in the warm breeze and marked our second dinner location, a beautifully decorated and private Mariposa Garden. Food options included fresh pasta with choices of sauces and accompaniments, a local greenhouse station with several types of vegetables and proteins, and a taqueria stand with marinated proteins and vegetables. We filled our bellies and our laughs filled the courtyard well into the night.

    Day 3

    The marine layer started to burn off as our crew merged onto the highway to begin day three of our journey. Convertible tops were soon stowed to make way for another day of perfect temperatures and sunshine. CA-166 will hold a special place in all our memories from this trip. Carving through the mountains and listening to the naturally aspirated engines sing at full RPM was sensational. Corner after corner of high-speed switchbacks and sweeping turns kept all of us on our toes as our Italian machines hugged the road and performed flawlessly with every crisp downshift.

    We soon arrived at the INN at the Pier in Pismo Beach, a small surf town midway up the coast. Cars were parked and headed for their detailing sessions as we loaded up and set off to the dunes. After a quick introductory video, which we all agreed looked like it hadn’t been updated since 1995, we got behind the wheel of the dune buggies and tore out onto the beach. We spent a couple of hours getting buggies stuck in the sand and then climbing up and over the rolling dunes. I don’t think any of us were expecting such a unique experience, but we all returned unscathed and ready for dinner.

    The sun set as we recounted the day’s events and feasted on prime rib and barbeque on the rooftop of the hotel. The time and effort our hosts put into making each venue special were not going unnoticed.

    Day 4

    It was time for us to make our final drive up the coast to Car Week, and before long we were soaking up the views on PCH as the road led us to stunning vista after stunning vista. We pulled over at one such picture-perfect location for a photo of our enthusiastic group.

    The day’s lunch reservation was at Rocky Point Restaurant along the Monterey Coast, which is home to a Sea Otter Refuge and, at least temporarily, a number of other exotic cars that were also on their way to the big event. With the number of rare vehicles driven and shipped in for the week’s festivities, it was hard to stand out driving down the coast, but a group of eight Koenigseggs of all colours in the parking lot managed to turn our heads.

    We arrived at The Sanctuary Beach Resort in Marina, California just in time to catch the sunset. Waves crashed against the golden sand as we combed along the coastline, absorbing the last rays of sunlight.

    Dinner awaited the group in the private room of The Salt Wood, with a long harvest table complete with seashells and beach themed drinks. Once again, the attention to detail and flavour was otherworldly. We all retired early to prepare for one of the events we had all been looking forward to since we arrived.

    Day 5

    The Quail Lodge. This is one of the most exclusive and luxurious happenings at Monterey Car Week. Manufacturers pour their marketing budgets into extravagant booths and displays of their new and current models while names like Jackie Stewart and Jay Leno walk the field. Lavishly dressed attendees perused tents full of gourmet cuisine from around the world including Italy, Japan, Mexico, and several others.

    We were fortunate to have the opportunity to share in the world premier of the highly anticipated Lamborghini Aventador SvJ, the final iteration of the Aventador. CEO Stefano Domenicali was on hand to welcome the new model with so many of its loyal owners clamouring to sit behind the wheel before their own cars arrive next year.

    Lamborghini was also celebrating its Espada and Islero models with rows of them in every variant represented just opposite the SVJ. After a quick change back at the resort we headed to the Lamborghini Lounge in Monterey. Our collective jaw dropped as we walked through the gates and onto the expansive property procured by Lamborghini and transformed into an Italian showcase of vehicles, cuisine, timepieces and all things luxury. Artists worked diligently on a unique tape creation of an Aventador SVJ. Roger Dubuis watches tempted the guests along with an array of the (more) fine Italian foods from seafood pasta to fresh mozzarella and everything in between.

    The Aventador SVJ “63 Edition” was also on display ahead of its debut on the Concept Lawn of the Pebble Beach Concours. This vehicle will be extremely limited with just 63 examples available.

    Day 6

    Due to the number of events during Car Week, our hosts decided to give guests the opportunity to explore the area on their own schedule.

    Day 7

    The week’s events had set the bar high, but the Pebble Beach Concours still managed to be the perfect ending to our week. Pebble Beach is a spectacular event, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. Some owners work their entire carers to prepare their vehicles for the 18th fairway. They spend countless hours checking and rechecking that every part of the car is as it was when it left the factory and in working order to avoid any point deduction from the discerning judges. Celebrations of a lifetime will be had on this field, along with disappointments, but the love and passion of the automobile reign supreme at Pebble Beach.

    Countless classics and vintage vehicles glistened in the sun against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. We each had our personal pick for best of show in our minds while walking through the event, and a few did select the 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C that eventually crossed the platform to receive the coveted award.

    After absorbing as much of the experience as possible we headed back to the cars for our last run up the coast. As we made the final turn into the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay it was hard to believe that our journey had come to an end.

    It was time for one last dinner, one last evening with the people who had arrived as new friends and would leave as family. We went around the table and emotionally shared our favourite moments from our time in California. It was clear that this trip would hold a special place in all our memories for years to come.

    As the cars were loaded onto the truck the next morning, we said our final goodbyes, knowing that it was only a matter of time until the next Targa Lamborghini would reunite us again.

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