Here is what some of you have to say about us. Thanks, we couldn’t have done it without you.

    Valentino Balboni, Former Chief Test Drive Automobili Lamborghini

    “GRAZIE GRAZIE mille for your poster collected today! What a wonderful surprise and what a though you all had sending me that and specially signing it for me! I have no words to thank everybody enough for the kindness and the fantastic experience I had in Canada with you all. Please extend my best wishes to everybody on your team for a peaceful Christmas and a proficuos healthy New Year. Sincerely, Valentino

    Troy, Vancouver

    “Thank you for the email. The service experience was first class. Lawrence did a great job of explaining the work, and kept me up to date on the progress. I can tell he works hard, and is committed to delivering on customer service. Red carpet experience! Thank you.”

    Mike P., Vancouver

    “Big thanks to you and your team as always Asgar. My third car from you and it’s a real dream come true for me every time.”

    Darcy, Prince George

    “I just love the car and can’t wait for spring to arrive.
    Thanks again for everything – the sensonum sound system is what definitely made this all possible!”

    Adrian, Vancouver

    “Thank you for your sincere well-wishes and follow-up.
    I’m so happy that I got to finally order my first new and custom ordered car.
    Thank you and your team for making it a wonderful and welcoming experience.
    I look forward to our continued relationship and new family. I will enjoy participating, supporting, and representing Vancouver Lamborghini in the future.
    Thanks again – I look forward to attending the car washes.”

    Kyle, Vancouver Island

    “As far back as I can remember, Lamborghinis have always been the coolest, sexiest cars on the planet. I remember cutting pictures from magazines and pinning them to my bedroom walls; reminding me to dream big and hope that one day I would sit in one or know someone that would own one.

    Twenty years later, with a little luck and a lot of hard work, my dream became a reality. I drove home in a Lamborghini Gallardo; a day I will never forget. I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me in the coming year.One of the highlights of owning this car was the purchasing experience and the friends I have made. I hear stories of belonging to a club of unique enthusiasts. This is certainly true and more. From good conversations, to dinners and drinks and feeling like I belong to a family. I always make a point to stop in and see Patrick and the team at Lamborghini Vancouver.

    There are so many stories and experiences that come with owning this car. My favorites are taking kids for rides, seeing their faces light up with excitement dreaming as I once did years ago. Receiving letters from parents thanking me for inspiring their kids makes it all worthwhile and special for me : )

    I love driving my “G” . The accelerating growl it makes never ceases to put a smile on my face. I count down the days for clean, dry roads, another fantastic year behind the wheel, and the people I’ll meet along the way.”

    Rory, Vancouver

    “I think the car is the best lambo to date.

    I am not feeling like I just got thrown around from the harsher gallardo drive when i have taken a ride in it. It makes the gallardo which is a favorite car of mine look like it is 10years old. The interior design and choice of instrumentation/ TFT screens with the ability to change the configuration and content with the video-game appearance is a home run. I think the  interior kills the gallardo. It is a great looking car. Yah it will be tweaked, become throatier, lose a top, gain a spoiler and ground effects and maybe have some wild paint schemes and be lightened up to lose a few tenths of a sec on the 0-60 but in its form its a really great toy that is both modern and I feel the new ferrari 488 just cant touch in style. In as much as it is “out of the worldly” in design, it is a pleasure to drive and handles and rides beautifully.

    It is lacking space in it compared to the G which i notice ( no cupholder and the central box is really shallow) and the stock sound could be improved but as u said,  that is coming with an upcoming software upgrade which will allow a better sound vs adding on a race exhaust.

    The car looks very different in colors and my favorite is super dark. This blue on cloudy days looks zombie-esque.

    And then sitting in the red interior  is like sitting in the guts of some alien creature and having total control of it.

    The wheels and associated paint job make it look planted. To my eyes- these wheels are the perfect companion to the sinister appearance.

    On the road it gravitates like the G did when I first got it. People look and take pics. It is really well engineered and the car is solid.

    The best comparison I can give is this. If u put ur hand on a carpet and ran it over it as fast as u can- the rough, ragged uncomfortablr feel is what the G was like on full throttle. It got u there but it hurt the body to do it. The huracan would be like cutting through butter with a hot knife. Smooth and precise and no pain to do it. Just want to do it again and again. In that i get what lambo did.

    And i am sold.”

    Nick, Mississauga

    This letter is to sincerely thank you all for your dedication, care and integrity with regards to the purchase of our 1987 Lamborghini Countach. This car has been a dream of mine and my two brothers since we were kids, having all the posters on our walls and watching them in movies like The Cannonball Run. We had searched for over 7 years to find the right car that we could cherish and keep in the ‘collection’. We came across this particular car and were instantly interested. After some discussion about details of the vehicle etc, we flew out to have a closer look and were very impressed not only with the vehicle, but the crispness and immaculate nature of the whole operation. Robert, you were particularly gentle in your approach and answered all questions and queries with the utmost honesty and we never felt uneasy to ask anything about the car.

    It is very rare indeed to have such a positive sales experience. I commend you all for operating such a fine dealership, breaking all typical stereotypes in the industry. You are all gentlemen and we will not only be buying more cars from you, but also will be pleased to send you referrals.

    HC, BC

    I am very thankful for the wonderful job you are doing. You have made my Lamborghini ownership experience so much better with your superb before and after sales service. You and your staff are always friendly and respectful, and I love the fact that you are car enthusiasts yourselves. Thank you for thinking of me for the LP640. To say the car is amazing is an understatement. I am indeed privileged to be a part of the Lamborghini family.

    Jim, Vancouver, BC

    I deeply appreciate all of your unprecedented, personal attention. I am thrilled to be your customer and will be for life. Overall, I am extremely satisfied.

    Brian, Alberta

    Thanks for looking after us during our visit. It was a great experience and both my wife and I were very impressed with your staff and your lovely facility that you have.

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