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    It’s been a long time coming and we have been working hard to offer a service package that provides absolute value to our clients. We are now pleased to offer the “WEISSACH EXTENDED CARE” package when you buy your pre-owned Porsche from us. With coverage that rivals the comprehensive factory warranty, we are able to offer competitive rates with our signature Weissach service. We think it is an unbeatable package that will keep you and your Porsche happy for as long as you are behind the wheel.

    Some of the added benefits of Weissach Extended Care include:

    24 hour – 7 days a week Roadside assistance
    Rental car coverage/ service
    Trip interruption reimbursements
    Transferable to the new owner, even when you sell your car privately.
    By purchasing a Weissach Extended Care policy you are able to protect yourself from any unexpected repairs and rising repair costs. If your car is under factory warranty, it will take over when that portion of the coverage expires. If you car is not under any factory or extended warranty, then this becomes the perfect chance to add the protection.

    If you are reading this you are referencing a car that has the notation “Weissach Extended Care Available.” Each car in our inventory must prequalify and all necessary inspections will be done by us. Because we offer a few options of coverage both in mileage and time, its best that we individualize our offer based on your specific requirements and as such we invite your email inquiry.

    If you are already a Porsche owner who may have missed the opportunity when you bought your car and we have a history here of your servicing, all you need to do is email us your name or Vehicle Identification Number and we will be pleased to quote you the protection package that is available for your car and one that will best suit your needs. Then it’s a quick, no charge inspection and you are all set to go.

    In addition, Weissach is also now offering Rim and Tire protection, as well as a more comprehensive package that covers against interior and exterior cosmetic issues. An exceptional value when paired with a warranty, this program is especially useful for our leasing customers who want to make sure that their Porsche is in tip top shape when it comes times to hand over the keys.

    Now that you have selected your new Porsche, we are sure you will want to give it the finest care. Enter the Weissach Scheduled Maintenance Plan, allowing you to manage your factory recommended scheduled maintenance services through the convenience of prepayment. By locking in the cost of your Scheduled Maintenance up front, you can rest assured knowing these checks are no charge for the term you choose.

    Click here for a full explanation of our Service Plan.

    The Weissach Scheduled Maintenance Plan is available exclusively through Weissach Performance. This program is only available for Porsche’s Purchased from Weissach performance, and in conjunction with an existing factory warranty or one of our extended warranty plans. Give your car the total “Weissach Extended Care” treatment.

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    • “You only go back to the store that treats you well. The day you treat a client poorly, they’re done.”Weissach
    • “We’re very serious about honesty, about standing behind what we do, standing behind the brands, standing behind the business.”Weissach
    • “We’ve set standards for our business; to provide outstanding customer service, a good product, and to treat our clients with complete honesty.”Weissach
    • “We don’t allow bad experiences to happen. We know all of our customers by name. Say hello and goodbye. We’ll wash their car, vacuum their car and treat it like it’s our own. We have many repeating customers, from both sales and service; some have had 10 or 11 cars from us where they’ve bought one, traded up, and traded up again.”Weissach
    • “We’re known and respected among Porsche enthusiasts, all over Canada. If people know Porsches, they know Weissach.”Weissach
    • “Our service and parts departments may not be the cheapest on every little thing, it’s the service we provide that makes the difference.”Weissach
    • “We ask people if it’s their first Porsche. If they tell us yes, we tell them they’re ruined for everything else now. It’s a very unique brand, in everything they do.”Weissach

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